How to Improve Your Personal Brand Online

Clueless on how to make your online personal brand better? Here are a few tips on how to do it:

  1. Create your brand.

Choose how you want to market yourself. Are you an expert in the field? Does your work experience make you stand out? How do you want your future company to think of you? Define these areas as concisely and as clearly as you can and make it your branding.

  1. Define your viewers.

Know and choose the people who you will be selling yourself to. A well-defined audience will ensure that your branding efforts will be appropriately directed.

  1. Strengthen your professional social media presence.

Choose the best platforms that are appropriate for your career. Twitter and LinkedIn are few of the best to get started with. Instagram is great if your work can be visually represented. Social media is free, until you want to get yourself into paid advertising – which is not really necessary.

  1. Curate great content to share across your platforms.

Content curation is imperative if you want people to be interested in your brand. Choose few influential sites that are related to your niche and share some of the posts to your audience. Connect with your audience, keep them hooked on your page for more.