How Tony Robbins Became Successful With Just This Routine

Tony Robbins, a best-selling author, and entrepreneur, has found a different option besides meditation for keeping a calm mind.

He admitted that he has never been the one to meditate and that trying to empty his thoughts will not work for him. He shares that he loves engaging in a series of breathing exercises and mindfulness that make and “prime” him to become more grateful all throughout the day.

Since it is so easy to change our perspective of the world, why not prime yourself to experience gratitude? Robbins shares his simple routine:

He first focuses on something that is very simple that gives him the feeling of gratitude like the soft breeze or a baby’s smile. Next, he spends three minutes to prayer. At this point, he will send energy to his colleagues, family, and to other people. He will then finish the last three minutes of the routine to draw three results he wants to achieve.

The whole process takes less than ten minutes, and he sometimes repeats certain steps or continues everything for longer periods of time. He is taking the time to train his nervous system to go into a state of gratitude naturally. He further said that there is no excuse for anyone to try out his routine.