Improving Your Team’s Sense of Initiative

As a team manager, finding ways to make your subordinates help themselves is one of the hardest things you’ve got to face. You know that you are always available to support them and resolve issues for them, but a good manager is someone who will make their people self-motivated, independent, and capable.

Giving honest, direct, and constructive feedback is one of the many roles a leader has to take. You shouldn’t be rude about it, but you shouldn’t allow your people to be left hanging and not knowing what you want from them either. Being direct about what you want and expect from them will help them become proactive and independent. If someone isn’t too independent, acknowledge that you are always there to help them, but remind that them that you chose them because of their capabilities and that they are more than able to do their tasks.

Micromanaging your employees may not help them in becoming more proactive. Back of a little, and relinquish some of your authority to make your employees more independent. Tell your people that you are confident they can handle everything and that you are just in the background if they need help. This way, they’ll be confident in carrying out their tasks.