Instagram Star Reveals Secret Work She Does At Animal Shelters

Essena O’Neill, a teenage Instagram star with more than 500,000 followers who decided to shut down her social media career in late October, said that her exit from chasing likes and shares made her feel “free.” But life after social media offered even more options for her. She has worked hard to fiure out what her purpose would be.

Then she finally realized what it was. Helping animals at her local animal shelter who needed volunteers to donate their time to these sweet creatures.

O’Neill’s bridge-burning departure from social media gained significant attention after she deleted thousands of photos from her Instagram account, re-captioning a select few with commentary poking fun at how contrived some of her more popular photos were. “NOT REAL LIFE,” one caption of O’Neil posing on a dock in a long white dress read, “I didn’t pay for the dress, took countless photos trying to look hot for Instagram.” The reworking of her Instagram account was accompanied by new posts espousing the importance of saving the animals in these shelters.

As we’ve written here before, O’Neill’s decision to quit it all isn’t unique for many heavy social media users, even among social media celebrities — those with large followings who in some cases are able to leverage their views into a paid career with ads and sponsorships.

But O’Neill attracted a unique amount of attention for her decision to abandon the numbers game of social media content making. What her most recent newsletter makes clear is just how hard her extremely ambitious goal has been to actually achieve.

Originally, O’Neill planned to direct her fans to a new website, the Los Angeles Animal Services. Presumably, this was aimed at boosting the support and viewability that people who followed her would have for animal services and ways they could help.

The site is meant to be a place looking for volunteers who want to make a difference in the lives of abandoned and orphaned animals in our care. They need friendly, outgoing and personable volunteers to assist the public and work with the staff in our animal shelters and at on-site and off-site adoption events.

The site reads:

“Our dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals are in need of care, attention, walking, playing, socialization and engaging with people in order to help them find homes to go to. You may choose to work with any or all of our animal populations. Volunteers are also needed to assist with other important roles such as: adoptions, kennels, greeting customers, photography, videography, playgroups, grooming, humane education, public relations and some office tasks.”

She addressed her big shift to animal welfare in her recent newsletter too:

“I changed my instagram and online persona completely to be someone who can be a force of change in the world. I know that I have this amazing opportunity for a voice and many people listen so I decided to give a voice to those who can’t talk for themselves. I’m talking about the animals that are in our shelters and in need of a loving home. If we can make a difference for them then this will all be worth it for me. Every person can make a difference here.”

“Two weeks ago I donated all the funds raised to three different charities that resonated with me the most. I’m scared even sharing this will make me seem attention-seeking all over again (I guess you can never win).”

Before simplifying to her own site, O’Neill had collected donations to fund her new venture. According to her newsletter, O’Neill now plans to get a job at a “local bar” to fund her new venture, which appears to be primarily focused on her planned book on helping to save animals.