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These News Anchors Do The Unthinkable On Air – Brekington

These News Anchors Do The Unthinkable On Air

Everyone makes mistakes, that’s just a fact. And sometimes those mistakes will happen at work, but when you’re a news anchor or reporter, that means your snafus will be broadcast on live TV. Thanks to our booming technological advances, the clip will also be archived in the deep dark crevices of the internet and spread among the masses. So be careful out there friends! You never know when one of your innocent flubs will go viral and literally break the internet. We’ve collected some of the most hilarious moments caught on live TV just for you, so read on and prepare to LOL!

1.  Surprise Guest

This reporter was live on the air doing a segment on LA’s bid to host the 2024 Olympics when a man decided to creep up behind her and stand uncomfortably close. The reporter, Wendy Burch, was deep in concentration and didn’t notice.

news anchor fails

The man was so close she must have felt his breath on her back. When she finally turned her head she jumped and screamed in terror. She laughed the incident off, but really dude? Why? Do us all a favor people, don’t bother others while they’re working.

2. When in the Netherlands…

This Dutch reporter wanted to make a splash in her interview with the mayor. Unfortunately, that’s just what happened. They were apparently filming a promotional video for an Easter Festival when she lost her balance leaning against the side of the boat.

news anchor fails

The reporter tried unsuccessfully to hold on to the rope next to her but ended up falling into the water. Clearly, there was mass-confusion around her as the mayor attempted to use his mayoral chain to pull her back up and the sound guy tried to fish her out with his boom mic.

3. I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet

Sometimes news anchors can find themselves in dangerous situations, even when they are in the studio. This Los Angeles news team’s live broadcast was interrupted by an unusually strong earthquake. The anchors shouted in fear, “we’re having an earthquake” and ducked for cover.

news anchor

The cameras could be seen shaking and the overhead lights could be heard rattling while the news anchors hid under the desk in front of them. While it’s certainly understandable why the news anchors acted the way they did (safety first and all), Jimmy Kimmel, and other comedians got to make a few good jokes.

4. Sometimes Snow Isn’t Fun

This Milwaukee weather reporter must have drawn the short stick. She was sent out during a snow storm to report live. But after being out in the freezing cold for hours, she lost her cool. During a live report, she decided to give audiences the honest truth.

news anchor

“I’ve been here since, what, 3:30 this morning, it is now, I don’t even know what time it is, 9:45. I’m exhausted, I’ve run out of things to say. It is snowing, and it’s no fun here!” she declared. Her rant was met with cheers of glee and laughter from both viewers and her producers.

5. Teleprompter Trickery

It’s no secret that news anchors read from a teleprompter, so the person in charge of what’s written needs to be trustworthy. Otherwise, you might find yourself reading something incredibly embarrassing. But that wasn’t exactly the case with this woman.

news anchor

This Huntsville, Alabama, news anchor was tricked into announcing her own marriage proposal! Under the guise of receiving exclusive breaking news, she read that she was being proposed to. Luckily for the guy, she said yes. After that, the weatherman reported that there would be a “100 percent chance of some tears of joy tonight.”

6. Meteorology Can Be Exciting

Fox59 Meteorologist Jennifer Ketchmark was giving her regular weather report when the producers switched to a tower cam overlooking central Indianapolis. Right at that moment a rogue hornet attacked the camera lens. Ketchmark screamed in terror and quickly fled the frame.

news anchor

After the incident, she even commented that she would end up on a blooper reel on the internet… Well, Jennifer, you did. In the end, she pulled it together and finished her segment without further drama but confessed that she would be regretting her reaction for a long time.

7. The Uninvited Guests

Guest expert Robert Kelly was live on air discussing the impeachment proceedings of South Korean president Park Geun-hye when unexpected guests came rushing into the room. His two daughters came traipsing into the room looking for a little attention from dad.

news anchor

Kelly’s wife is then seen hastily rushing into the room and sweeping up the children. Luckily, everyone had a good laugh in the end. The incident was seen by millions across the globe and made Kelly a viral internet star.

8. The Fashion Faux Pas

Tensions boiled over on Florida’s Nine News Now when both women on the segment showed up in white. News anchor Amber was not going to tolerate it. A disagreement quickly broke out between two of them.

With mics recording, the news anchor asked the others to change over and over again. In the end, one was forced to put on a blue shirt but not before threatening to leave the segment altogether.

9. Hotter Than Ever

Weather reporter Cory McCloskey ran into a slight snafu when reporting on the current temperatures in the Phoenix metro area. He was a bit surprised to see that in some cities temperatures were well over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, one even as high as 2,960 degrees.

news anchor

The reporter played the obvious technical error off well though. McCloskey admitted that he wasn’t technically authorized to evacuate cities but did jokingly recommend to “get out while you still can.” We all know Arizona is hot, but not that hot.

10. The Slippery Ice

This Russian reporter in Novosibirsk was possibly covering a story about the poor road conditions when she decided to make a graceful leap across the puddle. Maybe she was hoping someone from the Bolshoi Ballet was watching and would land a job as a ballerina.

news anchor

Unfortunately for her, she didn’t stick the landing and ended up sitting in a puddle of freezing water. Hope she has a change of clothes on hand, that Siberian weather is not forgiving. Next time think about getting a stunt double… This flub is going to be following the reporter around for a good while.

11. Not a Good Idea

This gutsy reporter was trying to add some spice to his segment about the receding water levels in the lake. So he decided to jump in. Just before jumping he said that the ground should be completely dry. Well… as you can see, it was not.

news anchor

The reporter found himself knee-deep in the mud while his camera crew and the anchors back at the station almost died of laughter. It definitely was not easy to get out of that mess. We’re betting that he lost his shoes in the ordeal and won’t be trying that again anytime soon.

12. From Breaking the News to Breaking the Silence

You know the moment (or rather MANY consecutive moments) that one Los Angeles channel dubbed “The Most Excellent Technical Meltdown in Live Television News History” has to be totally and ridiculously glorious. What spurred one is arguably one of the funniest broadcasting disasters you ask?

news anchor

The answer: 19 WHOLE MINUTES of audio silence during filming. That’s right, all but one weather girl on Noticias-62 were totally inaudible although the cameras were still rolling. Not ones to miss an opportunity to deliver to the people, the anchors penned side-splitting messages on dry-erase boards and the weather report lasted for a grueling 10 minutes. Honestly, sounds like ratings boost to us!

13. “Weather” You’re Visible or Not…

The matter of transparency has always been a preoccupation for the media. That being said, Los Angeles-based meteorologists Liberté Chan, took it to the next level when her co-host literally offered audiences a clear view that definitely overshadowed the forecast for the day.

Chan’s co-host showed up in front of the green screen wearing a green suit and a big sun costume on his head behind her. It took her a while to realize her co-host blended into the weather map entirely. Once she finally realized what was going on nobody could keep a straight face. Clearly, it was hilarious.