Things We Learned from Steve Jobs to Become Better Public Speakers

In a recent speech by CEO Tim Cook, he said that the late co-founder, Steve Jobs, was a genius and that his greatest expression for appreciating humanity wouldn’t be just a single product, but the whole of Apple itself.

Steve Jobs was known to draw rock concert-like crowds and lead outstanding keynote speeches. The answer are three things: obsessive preparation, emotional connection, and powerful storytelling. Here are a few tips:

Forget the PowerPoint and start telling a real story.

Instead of just reading your presentation slide word for word, speakers should get back to being messengers. Jobs was a master storyteller; he was the star of the whole show, not the slides. Though using slides are still critical, one shouldn’t read directly from it and overload a lot of info. In the end, the audience won’t remember much of the data on the slide, but they will never forget a strong, compelling, and powerful story.

You should have an emotional connection with the audience.

Instead of just driving your agenda and your point all throughout the speech, you should let your message reach every person. Steve Jobs always made sure to express gratitude to the executives and to the community before talking about a product launch.

Practice, practice, practice.

The saying “it’s not what you say but how you say it” holds true, so you have to ensure that you deliver the message perfectly. This is only made possible if you always practice and rehearse your speech as much as you need.