Ways on How Having a Mentor Can Impact Your Success

Regardless of your state or your career, it is never too late to find a mentor. Your mentor could either be your coach, boss, teacher, or a friend.

According to executive coaches Jodi and Jason Womack, you need to ask yourself, how do I want people to know me for? And, who can teach me about it?

The Womacks define a mentor to be someone who has the experience that you want to gain and someone who will willingly teach you everything they know in person, or through their work. Ideally, this should be someone who has more experience and knowledge in life or in business who can help you improve yourself and prepare for newer, bigger opportunities.

Here are the ways on how a mentor can help you grow:

  1. You will build resilience with a mentor.

According to them, it is beneficial to take a step back and look at things on a greater level. Sometimes, when life throws stones at us, you forget to recognize the fact that other people have difficulties as well.

Your mentor will help you gain insight on how you handle such hardships. Knowing that your mentor also experienced such difficulties can help you endure things better and divert your focus back on the things that you need to do.

  1. You can easily find smart people with the help of your mentor.

Mentors have better connections, and they can help you connect with smart people who you may not have had access to before. Once you get acquainted with these people, set an appointment with them and invite them for lunch or coffee. Spend time with people who are capable of showing you how you need to be and who can help you be closer to your goals.

  1. You will get remarkable workplace performance and productivity ideas from your mentor.

Sometimes, we need someone else to give us a different view on how to improve our performance and productivity – and your mentor is your best bet.

If your mentor can give you compelling ideas to make you more productive and organized, you can achieve your goals faster.