What do Successful Managers Have In Common?

If you are a manager who has been wanting to get ahead at your workplace, simply changing the way you communicate is all that you need. You may not know it, but you already have a powerful weapon at your fingertips that you can unleash right now to propel your career to greater heights. The power is called candor, or simply just being honest with your employees.

Though it may seem so simple, most superiors lack this quality, and it’s most likely the culprit of why they aren’t advancing in their career.

To be compassionate and kind, bosses will lightly tiptoe around an issue, not knowing that being candid with the employees is kinder in the long run.

Not giving honest feedback and not telling an employee where they stand can hurt your employees at the end of the day. When the time comes that you have to let go of underperforming employees, they’ll probably blame you for not telling them ahead of time.

Instead of wasting your energy and time trying to sugarcoat what you want to tell your employee, try being honest. It makes things run efficiently and productively.

Adopting candor isn’t the same as being crass or blunt to your employees. The greatest bosses are honest, but they won’t belittle their people either.